Champion of Champions Results for 2013

Hi Everyone,
The Waitakere members shoot at this years Target Shooting Auckland
Champion of Champions shoot on Wednesday the 16th October at the
 Auckland Club ( Waitakere Range )
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Results were:
Master Grade    Mark Clapson         192-8    196-12      388-20    1st 
A         Grade    Bruce Millard          98-3      196-13      294-16   1st
B         Grade    Ken Snowden         96-4      195-8       291-12     2nd (by 1 inner)
C         Grade    John Ke                 93-2    93-3    94-4    280-9   1st (By countback)
D         Grade    Peter Toy               93-3    94-3    95-3    282-9    3rd
Lady                 Cara Newcomb       97-3     188-3        285-6      1st       
Junior               John Ke                                             280-9      2nd
So we had some wins and losses, Bruce had 100-10 for 1 of his cards, Cara's sight fell to bits and had to use a borrowed sight, Ken needed a hug after coming 2nd by 1 inner and John Ke won by count back on his last card by a 94-4 vs 94-3 from Chris Eramus.
Trophies will be presented at the TSA Prize Giving at the end of November



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