What WSRC is all about :

Our fundamentals are based around learning skills that will help both your shooting accuracy in target shooting as well as real world hunting, we teach shooting Techniques in Prone( Lying down),Seated, and Kneeling positions..we do not have the necessary range set up to do Standing position at this time. Our Club night is on each Thursday night starting at 7pm , and on a separate night from our WSRC Club night ,usually the third Monday of each month(see Calendar on left) we provide a Coaching / Training night where we teach shooting technique's ,..breathing, setting up for your shot, firearms handling and maintenance amongst other things, something that shooters both new and experienced can benefit from !.

No special type of .22 rifle are required, we have a broad mix of rifles in our club from Remington's,Ruger 10/22, Norinco and CZ to Anschutz and Weihrauch Target Style rifles it is a up to you which you choose to bring along. We also have a mix of both Left and Right handed WSRC Club CZ and Anschutz Sporting rifles we have for hire at $3 a night.

On your first visit you will be walked through our basic range and firearms handling rules , then you will be required to sit in on one of our 50 shot details to get a feel for how we do things on our range after which you will be able to have a go yourself. We have a great bunch of people of every walk of life and age at our club who are welcoming and friendly to all visiters as well as a kitchen with coffee ,tea , Milo and biscuits  to make your visit to our range an enjoyable one.


Please note:

After 3 visits we ask that you consider joining our club as a paid member for a small $40 Annual fee, It enables us to provide refreshments as well as a frequent end of month BBQ at the range at the end of the nights shooting.

***Non FAL Licensed shooters will be required to have a Licensed FAL holder to supervise you which depending on attendance on any given night is not always possible so it is suggested that if you have a friend/ relative that holds a FAL it would be useful to bring them along to insure you get a shoot.   


Safety Glass's, Hearing protection and Rifle Chamber flag's are a mandatory requirement on our range , all of which are available at our club for use and /or hire **

If you need to sight your rifle gates are open from 6:15pm on Club Night to provide time to do that, after 7pm sighting time is stopped to enable targets to be put up ready fro the first detail ( 50 rnd shoot).



We are a growing club and so with greater turnouts on a club night and to enable smooth turn over of details a couple shooters may be asked to help score the 1st details targets while the 2nd detail is put underway , same with the 3rd detail. This is to ensure that all who attend get to shoot. 

6:15-7:00pm      -   Sighting in

7:15-7:45pm      -   First Detail

8:00-8:30pm      -   Second Detail

8:45-9:15pm      -   Third Detail



Basic info


Price Range $$ (10-30)

Hours Thu18:30 - 22:30

Our team Paul Carmine (Club President )
Darin Grenz ( Club Vice President / Range Officer )
Ewing (Club Secretary / Treasurer / Chief Range Officer )
Adrian Brausch (Club Captain / Range Officer )

For more information you can contact me (Adrian Brausch) on Mob. 02102760398


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