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The Firearms Safety Code

The Firearms Safety Code


1         Treat every firearm as loaded
Check every firearm yourself
Pass or accept only an open or unloaded firearm

2         Always point firearms in a safe direction, loaded or unloaded
Always point the muzzle in a safe direction

3         Load a firearm only when ready to fire
Load the firearm only after you reach your shooting area
Load the chamber only when you are ready to shoot
Completely unload before leaving the shooting area

4         Identify your target
Movement, colour, sound and shape can all deceive you
Never fire until you are absolutely certain

5         Check your firing zone
What may happen if you miss your target? 
What may be between you and your target, or beyond?
 Consider the possibilities of ricochets

6         Store firearms and ammunition safely
When not in use, lock away the bolt, firearm, and ammunition separately

7         Avoid alcohol and drugs
They impair judgement and good judgement, which is the key to safe use of firearms.



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