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Range Operation Manual

This is the range operational manual.  All users and visitors of the range must be aware of the requirements and procedures that are set out in this manual, and must comply with the firearms safety code.



Range Operation Manual


Prepared By the TSNZ Range Inspector - Sel Howell


Range operator:                Waitakere Smallbore Rifle Club


Location of range:            Intersection of Scenic Road North and Swanson Road

Swanson, Auckland.


Range owner:                    Waitakere Smallbore Rifle Club.


Type of range:                    there is only one shooting range in this building. 

The range is used for .22 rimfire shooting and there are 12 mounds


The only permitted ammunition allowed on this range is .22 rimfire, low velocity.


Description of Amenities

The walls are of galvanised iron, as is the roof.  The social area consists of clubrooms, kitchen, and marking room.  There are 2 outside toilets.  Club cupboards are located within the building.  Entry to the building is from the car park.  Fire egress is from the range right hand wall.  Entry to the range proper is from the mound access door and the marking room door.


First aid/fire plan

The first aid kit is located in the kitchen and clearly marked.  The first aid kit includes the basic equipment as outlined by TSNZ and the designated first aid officer should keep this current.  The fire extinguisher is located at the entrance to the kitchen.

Shooting procedures

Shooting may be carried out under the control of a designated range officer.  There shall be at least 2 persons present on the range while shooting is in progress.


Rifles shall be cocked at the shoulder.  I.e. The rifle may be loaded with a live round with the rifle off the shoulder but the bolt must be closed when the rifle is on the shoulder.


All shooting clubs that use this range may vary their shooting program to suit their circumstances but they must at all time use the safety procedures set down by this manual and the Waitakere Smallbore Rifle Club.


No person under the age of 12 years shall be permitted to be in the backstop or bullet trap area of this range.


Red warning lights       


Shall operate in the following manner when using this range:


This range has 2 red lights, which are visible to all shooters.  It shall remain on until the range officer gives the order to load and fire.  There is a complementary red light above the entrance door to the mound area and this should come on when the range officer switches the shooters red light off.  This implies that there is shooting in progress on the range.


The range officer shall have absolute control at all times


Spectators must stay behind the shooting mounds at all times and keep to the rules of safety and under the control of the range officer.


Range maintenance


The following maintenance programme shall be followed by the users of the range and the social room of the W.S.R.C.


1         All rubbish to be removed weekly


2         All empty ammunition boxes shall be checked for live rounds being inadvertently left in them before being placed in the rubbish


3         The kitchen shall be kept tidy and all dishes washed after use


4         All equipment and chattels shall remain the property of W.S.R.C.  the executive shall be responsible for the upkeep of all equipment, chattels, and fittings.


5         Other shooting clubs that use the range shall abide by the range operation manual as set down by the W.S.R.C.


6         The only ammunition to be used on this range is .22 rimfire, low velocity.


Non shooting club use


No persons may enter the shooting range area while the organisation has tenure.  This is to ensure that the possibility of people being exposed to lead is eliminated or reduced.


They shall keep the kitchen tidy and cleaned.  All rubbish generated by them shall be removed.


They shall leave all paraphernalia associated with shooting alone.


All electricity shall be turned off when they leave.


No smoking in any part of the range or social area.




President ..........................................


Waitakere smallbore rifle club

Recommended first aid kit


Wound dressing large                                                    2

Crepe bandage 50mm wide                                        2

Roll of adhesive tape                                                      1

Triangular bandages                                                       2

Medical gloves                                                                  3 pair

Resuscitation mask                                                         1

Box of assorted sticking plasters                                               1

Hepatitis/HIV warning sign                                          1

First aid book - St. John or Red Cross                       1

Notebook and pen to record accident and action taken


There should be a cell-phone available in the clubrooms.


Accident procedures


1         Cease firing.

2         Render first aid or evacuate the injured to nearest available facility.

3         Seal off the area.

4         Make no attempt to strip the firearm.

5         Advise the police as necessary.

6         Advise the chief executive officer of TSNZ


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