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Shooting at the Waitakere Range

Three shooting clubs use our range, two are for the precision shooting, Olympic sport discipline, while the other club uses sporting rifles - learn more about these disciplines and the use of the range.


Our range is only suitable for .22 calibre rifles used in the prone, sitting or kneeling position.

Precision Target Shooting

For precision shooting

  • Rifles must be single shot (no magazine) match rifles
  • .22lr sub-sonic ammunition must be used
  • Aperture sites must be used (no scopes)
  • Shooting position is prone
  • For competitions the rifle must be self supported (not supported on block etc)
  • The time allowed for 10 targets is 12 minutes, for 20 targets 22 minutes

Target Rifle
Example of a precision Target Rifle

Precision Shooting Clubs that use our range:

The Waitakere Smallbore Rifle Club - meet on Tuesdays at 7pm

Contact: Allan Manson - see the contacts page

The Auckland Smallbore Rifle Club - meet on Wednesdays at 7pm

Sporting Rifle Shooting

The sporting rifle club meet on Thursday nights at 7pm

For sporting rifle shooting:

  • Rifles may be single shot, bolt action with a magazine, or semi-automatic
  • Scopes may be used

Example of a sporting Rifle

Note: Visitor WSRC Shooting costs:
$5 range fee,
$10 ammo
$3 Club gun hire
$2 chamber flag (compulsory, but refundable if returned at end of nights shooting)

Contact:  Ewing Caldwell - see the contacts page


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