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Interclub Round 5 Results

Results Round 5,  7th August 2013 (shot at Auckland SRC)

Division 1 (1 x 20, 1 x 10)

Grade Card 1 Card 2 Net Score Position Points

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Waitakere Speed Shooting Week 2


Ken Snowden            96     89

David Woods            94     89.2

Bruce Millard            93     94

Tyrell Newcomb        89    

Cara Newcomb         85     85.1

Peter Toy                 83     91.2

Lawrence Moodie      62     75.1

John Ke                            89

Mathew Sutherland            72


Held at the end of Sunday Club Shooting, great fun and training to shoot a card in 90 seconds


Previous to the speed shoot was 20 shot match, and previous to that was position training.

The aim of that was to get the shooter to sort of `flop' into the shooting position aiming at the target.

Unfortunately Lazza can't do that as he has to shuffle around for each shot. Flopping into it doesn't come naturally to him so he will absent himself from next month's speed shoot.




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Results of Owairoa, Achilles Shields and Interclub


These are the Results from Interclub, Achillies and Owairoa shields, shot on Monday 1 July 2013 at the Howick club. 
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Members at the Auckland Open

Last Saturday was the TSA Open Champs (Target Shooting Auckland).

Seven members of the club competed in various grades.
In the A Grade...Bruce came 1st with 295.14
                        Allan shot well. Cant remember his scores but it included a hundred. I think he beat me...yes he did as he was runner up.
                        Lawrence ( me) yes well it was mostly good but in the third card I just couldn't see because of all that snow that came in the storm. I tried shooting through it and shot an 8...amongst other 9s.
John D shot in the B grade, and recorded a unique score of 99.9 and 89.0 in his double. Too much experimenting while shooting I think. Mind u, who am I to make judgment!
John Ke came third in the C grade but came last overall, that included everyone who shot. How did this happen u may ask???
If u can work that out please email me with the answer.
Cara shot in D grade along with James,  shooting in their first open champs. Good experience.
As well Tyrell came along to see how things go at a big shoot, along with the club's mascot.
In the afternoon Uncle Bruce and I represented the club in running the shoot along with Graham Barnes of Auckland and David Woods of Howick.
That included, Range officer, Markers, and Target running etc..
They tell me there was a mixture of target runners: a Black Cap, two Warriors, a Maharaja, a Warriors fan, Thomas Abercrombie, someone with a figure of Ghandi on the back.....and others...
Allan won the top prize in the raffle...a shooting mat. That's good as he never had one.
Back to the Cambridge Champs a week ago I think it was. Bruce shot 293.14 for 1st in A Grade. Plus 197.11 in the 20 shot. Bruce has been getting good inners lately.
They hold this in conjunction with their Cambridge Teams of Four.  I think they added that a while ago to encourage more people to attend. Well judging from the results in the TSNZ website there was a fair few who did attend. 
There has been a bit of debate over my writing about range etiquette.  The thing is that at most shoots one attends there is noise about in the background. And other things are interrupted sometimes. So if we have ideally good conditions for shooting it may well work against us when we go to other shoots. While everyone should be aware of others around them, sometimes people do get up or move beside you.
Some committee members may have to get up and leave the range for one reason or another they will be as careful as possible. Also some one may be caught short and have to leave the mound.
One tries to be perfect but its not always possible.
Yesterday at the TSA Open there was a fair amount of noise coming from the place where people had their gear. As well people are moving behind you. And then there was a guy from another club scoping/helping a new person to an open championship. These things happen so its not best to be too protected from these elements.


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Critical information regarding the use of the Waitakere Smallbore Rifle Range

Access to the range has been provided to specific clubs to allow them to promote safety training and allow target competition in a safe and maintained environment.  Now we have rebuilt the backstops here is some critical safety and operational rules that we must adhere to, and what the penalties are for failing to do so.  

All users of the range must read this

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