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WSBRC Open 30 August 2014


OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP B7#6  30th August 2014

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People going to the range for the first time:

Please be advised that we don't have an EFTPOS system for casual fees.

Thank You,



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Teams for Interclub, Achillies and Owairoa

Cara, Tyrell and Matthew are not available. We are still one or two shooters short for the Owairoa Shield, depending on whether Damon can make it.
Laura and Courtney, please note you are now in the Interclub Div2 team 2, as well as, Owairoa. Chances are that you would be able to shoot these concurrently.
These are the updated teams for the Interclub #4, Achilies and Owairoa shields on Monday 7 July 2014 at the Howick club. 
Interclub Div1 (1x10 shot, 1x20 shot)
Mark Clapson (M grade)
Steve O'Donnell (A grade)
Bruce Millard (A Grade)
Emergency: Ken Snowden (A grade)
Interclub Div2 (2x10 shot) team1
Ken Snowden (A grade)
John Dyer (B grade)
Lawrence Moodie (B grade)
Emergency: Peter Toy (C grade)
Interclub Div2 (2x10 shot) team2
Peter Toy (C grade) 
John Ke (B grade)
Laura McChesney (D grade)
Emergency: Courtney Wooller (D grade)
Achillies Shield (1x20 shot)
Lawrence Moodie (B grade)
John Dyer (B grade)
John Ke (B grade)
Peter Toy (C grade)
Emergency: Johan Saayman (C grade)
Owairoa Shield (2x10 shot)
Courtney Wooller (D grade)
Laura McChesney (D grade)
Damon Gilbert (D grade)
Please let me know if you are not available for this competition.
Johan Saayman
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TSA Auckland Open and Coaching

Auckland Open: 21st June at the Howick Range from 9am. Howick will be running the range in the morning and Waitakere and Auckland will be running the range in the afternoon, so please come and shoot but we need members to stay and help out, any time you can spare will be appreciated.

Coaching date: Thursday 26th June at the Howick Rifle Range from


There will be 4 Scatt training machines there that shooters
can use to check their holds and shot release.  The TSA bore
scope will also be available to check for any defects or
buildup of lead within the barrel.  Positions can also be
reviewed under the eye of the TSA coaching staff.  Should
you have any questions relating to your shooting, please jot
them down and bring them along.  The more information you
can supply to the coaches the better they can assist you. 
To cover the cost of the power, tea/coffee and some nibbles,
a small charge of $5.00 will apply.

Those interested in attending can you please drop me an
e-mail or text 021 389892 mbl so we have an idea of numbers
attending.  NOTE: this session is for ALL TSA members
regardless of your grade.

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BOP and South Auckland Champs

Bay of Plenty Open was held on the 26th April, in Te Puke.

Congratulations to Cara Newcomb for winning D Grade with a score of 278.7 and Peter Toy for finishing 3rd in C Grade, scoring 286.7.

South Auckland Open was held on 2-3 May at Hamilton Range, Dey Street, Congratulations to Cara Newsomb, she won the D Grade with 272.4, Peter Toy and Bruce Millard also shot.

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