Results of Owairoa, Achilles Shields and Interclub


These are the Results from Interclub, Achillies and Owairoa shields, shot on Monday 1 July 2013 at the Howick club. 
Interclub Div1 (1x10 shot, 1x20 shot)
Mark Clapson       100.6, 197.10,    297-16
Bruce Millard         97.6,  196.9,     293-15
Allan Manson       97.5,  198.10,   295-15        885-46                           Howick  869-33
Interclub Div2 (2x10 shot)
Ken Snowden      96.3,  96.3,   196.6  (Grade Handicap added)
Lawrence Moodie 98.7,  96.4,   196.11
John Dyer           92.04, 94.3,   194.7              586-24                            Howick  573-14
Achillies Shield (1x20 shot)
Ken Snowden (B grade)                   192.6
Stephanie Bickerstaff (B grade)          184.1   
John Dyer (C grade)                         187.4       563-11                           Howick  565-13
Owairoa Shield (2x10 shot)
Cara Newcomb (D grade)                91.2,  89.1,   180.3
Matthew Sutherland (D Grade)        97.5,  91.2,   188.7
Peter Toy (D Grade)                      86.1,  93.3,   179.4
James Belsten (D Grade)                 87.1,  90.2,   177.3       724-17          Howick  708-13
Hi Guys,
Well, we took Howick to the cleaners in the Interclub and the Owairoa Shield. Was very close in the Achilles beaten by 2.2 points!!
I think we will make a Dunkirk out of it and claim it as a victory!!
We could have had a better chance if members who were named in the teams replied to sender of the advising email to say they weren't available for whatever reason.
Tonight as is Monday 1st July,  Waitakere went head to head with Howick for the Owairoa and Achilles Shields.
From what I gather...the Owairoa Shield is contested by D graders?
and the Achilles Shield by B and C graders.
Anyway thats how they were contested on the night.
Because of so many people not available from the first team selection, with those who did advise and those who didn't, a call to newer shooters was made, as well as slightly rearranging our shooters so we could make a go of it.
It worked out well in the end.
Matthew shot his best card so far with a 97.5.
Allan shot a pair of 99s in his double.
Peter Toy shot with a foreign rifle as his club rifle was left back in the club house.
Sorry I didn't see any others glory but I will check up tonight.
In future if someone needs a ride to a venue they should advise either one of Allan/Bruce/Lawrence to arrange someone to pick them up.
Anyway it was a good night out in general despite the problems.
Tonight being the 2nd July we have the Tiny Rees Trophy which is a self handicap shoot. You shoot 2 x ten shot cards. One could be part of a double but you must nominate which one it is.
The important thing for this shoot is that you enter a handicap which in your mind will take you to 100.10 for each card.   As I think I mentioned in another ramble...if you are averaging lately say 96.3 then put a handicap of 4.7. If the handicap takes you over the 100.10 then the score comes back. So its a bit tricky, but fun to see how close you can get to the magical score.
Tonight I will be going round everyone to check on their phone numbers so we can get a correct list. Yesterday trying to get hold of people was a nightmare with wrong numbers.
Could those 2013 registered members who wont be there tonight,  email their land line numbers, cell phone numbers, and numbers of people who are responsible for some of the members, then we will have all bases covered.
If I've left anything out here I will include it in tonight's ramble.
Lawrence Moodie

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