Waitakere Speed Shooting Week 2


Ken Snowden            96     89

David Woods            94     89.2

Bruce Millard            93     94

Tyrell Newcomb        89    

Cara Newcomb         85     85.1

Peter Toy                 83     91.2

Lawrence Moodie      62     75.1

John Ke                            89

Mathew Sutherland            72


Held at the end of Sunday Club Shooting, great fun and training to shoot a card in 90 seconds


Previous to the speed shoot was 20 shot match, and previous to that was position training.

The aim of that was to get the shooter to sort of `flop' into the shooting position aiming at the target.

Unfortunately Lazza can't do that as he has to shuffle around for each shot. Flopping into it doesn't come naturally to him so he will absent himself from next month's speed shoot.




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