WSBRC March Newsletter 2013




March 2013 Newsletter


Well the start of the season has now started with a mixed bag as some are having to remove the cob webs from their rifle barrels.


Hopefully our 2013 order of targets arrive soon.





You should have received an email/message from Rob Dixon the secretary of TSA, requesting people to indicate what teams if any they wish to nominate for.


You don’t have to be in Master Grade to nominate for anything. The Teams of ten are being held in Levin this year, and from what I can gather the Secretary of WSBRC is the only one who has entered from Target Shooting Auckland. In my weekly Ramble I said that his first score at the range for 2013 was 93.1!


Please just reply to Rob and say you would like to be selected for this team or that. They can only select you if you nominate.





From time to time people ask about local air rifle/pistol air gun range.

One should look up the internet. It shows there are clubs in Greenhithe and Howick.


What it doesn’t seem to show is the club in Mt Eden.

I did some inquiring of my own and eventually found the name of the guy in charge, plus the address and phone number.

( I did try to contact one of our guys at the time but he wasn’t available).




Contact for Air Rifle Club Mt Eden


Robert Berger

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ph: 021969159


Thursdays Club night


28 Disraeli St

Mt Eden







A working bee was held on the 3rd March, just before the opening day. The continuing thing to be done with the butts was the painting of same. The painter and his side kick are

due to be repairing the target boards to get them up to scratch.


The one thing that wasn’t done, due to a low turn out, was the leveling/flattening to an even surface of the inwards drive/slope.




Subs are slowly rolling in. In case anyone didn’t see the Feb Newsletter in their email, it is posted in the WSBRC web site.  Just look at this for the subs and their respective  breakdowns. You will also see the club’s bank a/c number in which to put your money.

Which is:  03  0155 0176043 00 


If you can it would be good if you can get these in by April 9th please.





Below is a bit of a ramble. Hope you can follow it..


Having trouble with `floaters’, blurring eyes, losing focus?

I am using vitamin supplements that contain bilberry and lutein. I looked up the net last year to see if there was a `natural ‘ pill, or potion that will help the eyes. I saw that the combination of the bilberry and lutein did the trick.




It says this `potion’ slows the macular degeneration…whatever that means!

I went to a health shop and picked up one of the brands available that contain the `good oil’.  I took one a day for several months and SAW the difference!

On one of the sites I looked up re this supplement I saw advertising for an American brand. Since then I get info on that brand as well as eye advice.

In January this year I bought this brand from USA. The dosage is four pills a day. The cost difference is almost nil. In fact with the USA dollar the way it is, it’s cheaper than the one bought here.

………….Anyway…  I know its good as against all the eye specialists telling me I would need glasses to drive… I managed to pass the test so I don’t have to!

I don’t have the floaters and blurring so much either.

The local brand (maybe Aussie) is good. There are other vitamins in it. As I said it made a difference.


The USA brand has all the vitamins you need each day, plus this eye `food’. Well I’m trying it out. The info said that it works after about four months worth.



It does help. I think so anyway. Do try it!!





The club held an open day for beginners on Sunday the 10th March. Six new people had a go.  Four were juniors and two were senior.


Club night 12th March, saw Cara progress to wearing a jacket as her groups at the Open day were very good. Allan then Bruce assisted her into a jacket and sling to fit the rifle. She used rifle no.9 first but then was fitted to a lighter rifle. That did the trick as her groups were very good indeed.

We put Tyrell with an Anschutz rifle as opposed to the Vostok he used at the open day, and his groups tightened considerably.

Ryan has progressed too with his groups improving card by card. Very good!





The entries for TSNZ postal/online championships will be processed early May so everyone has a chance to enter if they wish. The fee is $15.00 per person per entry for the individual 10 x 10 card  aggregate, shot over several weeks,  $15.00 for  the Individual Championship ( 3 x 20 shot/3 x 10 shot), and $15.00 per club teams of three in grades.


Treasurer Bruce says the club hasn’t taken part in this shooting opportunity for some years now.


Whether we enter all of these postals remains to be seen. The committee will go over this at the next committee meeting at the end of this month.






Keep on looking up Waitakere Smallbore Rifle Club, Target Shooting Auckland, and Target Shooting New Zealand internet sites for ongoing info on your sport.





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