Critical information regarding the use of the Waitakere Smallbore Rifle Range

Access to the range has been provided to specific clubs to allow them to promote safety training and allow target competition in a safe and maintained environment.  Now we have rebuilt the backstops here is some critical safety and operational rules that we must adhere to, and what the penalties are for failing to do so.  

All users of the range must read this

Waitakere Smallbore Rifle Range – Firing Zones


After considerable effort, time, and sweat we have renovated the range backstop.  It is now time to ensure that all shooters understand the firing zones.   Firing zones are critical for safety and are important for the longevity of the backstops.  The less time and resources spent restoring the backstop the more time and money we can spend improving other aspects of the club facilities.


First – Restating some of our critical safety rules:


  1. The action on any rifle on the range must not be closed or made ready unless the rifle is on the shoulder of the shooter, the shooter is on the firing point and the rifle is pointing down the range.
  2. A licensed firearms holder must assume the role of range officer for every shooting session – this person is accountable and responsible for safety during the session by ensuring that all shooters adhere to the safety rules and to report any safety breaches.  This person must be familiar with the range operations manual and should not be shooting at the same time as acting as the range officer.
  3. Unlicensed shooters must be under the direct and exclusive control of a licensed firearms holder.    


  (Additional safety requirements are detailed in the range operational manual, new requirements may be added at any time)


Firing Zones


This picture represents the view from the firing point:


 Firing Zones



  • Red Zone – it is critical that no projectile is released with the rifle pointing at the red zone - in fact if the critical safety rules are being followed this is not actually possible.  If it ever does happen the event must be recorded by the range officer and communicated to a member of the Waitakere Smallbore Rifle Club immediately, further, the person responsible for the safety breach must be removed from the range.


  • Orange Zone – a projectile hitting the orange zone is a potential safety issue because it is not intended or designed for repeated impacts and more seriously it indicates a shooter has been careless.  There is also a maintenance issue with projectiles potentially damaging lights and other fittings.  The range officer must monitor the shooter to prevent any repetition.   


  • Grey Zone – this is a permitted zone that is designed for repeated impacts however causes a maintenance issues – we want to minimise the effort and cost maintaining the backstops so shooters must not fire into this zone.


  • Green Zones – these are the permitted firing zones directly in front of each firing point and are the intended zone for all shooting on the range.  All clubs using the range must take all practical steps to ensure that their shooters constrain their firing zone to the green areas including using backstop boards with permanent target mounting fixtures so that a) that projectiles are constrained to the green zone, and b) to reduce the spread of projectiles with in the zone.  All clubs should have their own boards or may share boards with another club by agreement.




The Waitakere Smallbore Rifle Club reserves the right to deny individuals or clubs/groups access to the range on a temporary or permanent basis for:


  • failing to comply with the critical safety rules
  • failing to comply with the range operations manual
  • failing to constrain projectiles to the permitted firing zones
  • causing other damage to the range or site
  • failing to make good any damage


  • Any damage to the range or its fittings such as the clock, lights etc. as a result of failing to adhere to the permitted firing zones must be made good by the individual, group, or club responsible for the damage.  





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