Teams for Interclub, Achillies and Owairoa

Cara, Tyrell and Matthew are not available. We are still one or two shooters short for the Owairoa Shield, depending on whether Damon can make it.
Laura and Courtney, please note you are now in the Interclub Div2 team 2, as well as, Owairoa. Chances are that you would be able to shoot these concurrently.
These are the updated teams for the Interclub #4, Achilies and Owairoa shields on Monday 7 July 2014 at the Howick club. 
Interclub Div1 (1x10 shot, 1x20 shot)
Mark Clapson (M grade)
Steve O'Donnell (A grade)
Bruce Millard (A Grade)
Emergency: Ken Snowden (A grade)
Interclub Div2 (2x10 shot) team1
Ken Snowden (A grade)
John Dyer (B grade)
Lawrence Moodie (B grade)
Emergency: Peter Toy (C grade)
Interclub Div2 (2x10 shot) team2
Peter Toy (C grade) 
John Ke (B grade)
Laura McChesney (D grade)
Emergency: Courtney Wooller (D grade)
Achillies Shield (1x20 shot)
Lawrence Moodie (B grade)
John Dyer (B grade)
John Ke (B grade)
Peter Toy (C grade)
Emergency: Johan Saayman (C grade)
Owairoa Shield (2x10 shot)
Courtney Wooller (D grade)
Laura McChesney (D grade)
Damon Gilbert (D grade)
Please let me know if you are not available for this competition.
Johan Saayman

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